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April, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Monday01 Apr 2019Welcome Party
2Wednesday03 Apr 2019Make Smiley Faces with Yellow Balloons
3Wednesday03 Apr 2019Folder Making
4Wednesday10 Apr 2019Folder Makin
5Wednesday10 Apr 2019Best Our of Waste
6Friday12 Apr 2019Sp. Assembly on Baisakhi & Ram-Navami
7Saturday13 Apr 2019Ram Navami
8Sunday14 Apr 2019Baisakhi
9Wednesday17 Apr 2019Mahavir Jayanti
10Friday19 Apr 2019Visit Air Force Museum
11Friday19 Apr 2019Visit Historical Museum
12Tuesday23 Apr 2019Eng Calligraphy
13Tuesday23 Apr 2019Reading
14Tuesday23 Apr 2019Speech
15Tuesday23 Apr 2019Debate
16Wednesday24 Apr 2019Dictation
17Wednesday24 Apr 2019Poem Recitation
18Wednesday24 Apr 2019Unscramble the sentences
19Wednesday24 Apr 2019Extempore
20Thursday25 Apr 2019Reading
21Thursday25 Apr 2019Reading
22Tuesday30 Apr 2019Orientation
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